A smiling doctor shows medical information on a tablet to a young father as his infant child sits on his lap.

Transforming Medicine Through Technology

Foundation 29 leverages cutting-edge technology to help patients dealing with rare diseases combat the feeling of helplessness and take control of their health data, while empowering clinicians to leverage that data to make accurate diagnoses for those patients.

We Are Foundation 29

At Foundation 29, we believe technology holds the key to unlocking the future of personalized medicine. We apply the latest in machine learning to help medical professionals turn symptoms, genetic information, and global knowledge and resources into accurate diagnoses for a wide range of the world’s rarest diseases.

Why We Care


For medical providers, rare diseases are often edge cases they haven’t encountered in their education or previous practice.

A friendly doctor examines a child. A friendly doctor examines a child.
A recovering child in a hospital bed embraces her father. A recovering child in a hospital bed embraces her father.


Foundation 29 believes that the best health care comes when it is powered by patients who play an active role in their own care. We help patients keep track of their personal health data, share it with their medical team when needed, and turn their personal experiences and symptoms into actionable information for clinicians that makes a successful diagnosis happen more likely and on a faster timetable.

What We Do

Everything we do at Foundation 29 is aimed at helping the patients and providers affected by rare diseases see better results. By creating technologies, combining information sources, standardizing data, and offering easy-to-use experiences, we have channeled our efforts into two major platforms, Dx29 and Health29.


Dx29 is a powerful digital tool designed from the ground up to give clinicians augmented capabilities to allow you to deliver accurate diagnoses for rare diseases faster than previously possible.

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Health29 is a secure platform built to give you control over your health data. By keeping your data safe, organized, and available to you when you need it, we help patients anonymously share their important medical information with the providers, patient associations and other patients who need it most.

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Give the Gift of a Donation

Foundation 29 is a non-profit, which means we rely on the kindness of our sponsors and donors to continue delivering this technology to the rare disease community. Your donation goes helps us help clinicians find diagnoses and patients find the peace-of-mind that comes with having a treatment and care plan in place, and reduce the suffering and uncertainty that comes with battling a rare disease.
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Attributions & Acknowledgements

Foundation 29 wants to thank the following groups for the support they provide to our work.

Barrabes.biz generously serves as one of the homes of Foundation 29 by providing us use of their coworking space and innovation ecosystem.

Foundation 29 adheres to the “Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace” in favor of the development of common principles for securing cyberspace.

156 Naron generously serves as one of the homes of Foundation 29 by providing us use of their coworking space.