Article on Julian Isla, president of F29, in El País

On August 12th Foundation29 achieves a lot of public visibility by the article in Digital El País dedicated to the personal and professional journey of our President Julián Isla and the role the Foundation is playing in the precision diagnosis. Throughout the article the personal motivation is reported in detail.” A software engineer designs a platform to expedite the diagnosis of rare diseases and help other parents not go through what happened to him, until his son was properly diagnosed.” It also talks about the technological foundations of Dx29 and it is announced that it is “open to be tested in beta mode” and that “several Spanish institutions, including the La Paz Hospital in Madrid, have used it with patients already diagnosed and has shown an effectiveness of 80% “and that “we are preparing clinical trials with 600 patients in hospitals of the British NHS and public health in Madrid, the Basque Country and Catalonia”.

From the Foundation we are confident that the wide and transparent communication of our objectives will very positively lead to “a more accurate tool” always with the collaboration of patients with diagnosis and obtaining sufficient funding for the projects. Congratulations!!

You can read the whole article here.