Article on Julian Isla, president of F29, in El País

On August 12th Foundation29 achieves a lot of public visibility by the article in Digital El País dedicated to the personal and professional journey of our President Julián Isla and the role the Foundation is playing in the precision diagnosis. Throughout the article the personal motivation is reported in detail.” A software engineer designs a platform […]

Rare Diseases

Rare diseases are also known as minority, low-prevalence and other terms that ultimately include a considerable population group and a heterogeneous and wide number of pathologies, which despite being so,  they do share a number of characteristics derived from their low prevalence. There are between 6,000 and 8,000 rare diseases, which in Spain alone affect […]

Serendipity and the Foundation29 Annual Meeting in June 2019

Serendipity is defined as the fact of finding interesting and valuable things by chance. On June 7th Foundation29 brought together its patronage, developers and volunteers at LinkedIn offices in Madrid and we could see the reasons why F29 is not serendipity. Foundation29 with Health29 and Dx29 is the luck of some people finding and creating […]

And my data… are they protected?

We have been talking about the importance of data in medicine. The age of digitalization and easy access to new technologies by all has promoted that huge amounts of data circulate through shared networks and own systems. We have also pointed out the crucial importance of the state of these data: standardization, quality, accessibility. With […]

Let doctors make medicine

We have a distorted perception of medicine.  The news we see in the media in most cases are of great medical progress.  A new treatment for cancer, a new method for a transplant, a drug that can cure hepatitis, a robot that operates at a distance, etc.  That has caused us to have the false […]

Let’s use the data well to make better Medicine

Medicine is living deep changes that are doing that in a short time we will stop doing things the way we have been doing for many, many years. This dizzying transformation -which some do not see and which others are not entirely aware of- is based on the unprecedented ability to obtain and process huge […]

When describing a symptom is not so easy

Headache, fever… it is easy to determine many symptoms when you see things clear but with the symptoms associated with behavior is no longer so easy. A mother saying that her son does not speak, a father asking for his daughter who has “manias”… it is not so easy for most people to define aphasia […]

Three weeks of work

In these three weeks we have noticed the enormous difficulty posed by phenotyping (annotate the symptoms). Our idea to come to INGEMM was to facilitate that process to the patients but we have found that the process is just as complicated for clinicians. There are several factors that influence the phenotyping to be complicated. The […]

Enjoy the silence

Enjoy the Silence. This is the song we started the day with. There has really been no silence at all, we have had a lot of teamwork, meetings with experts from CIBER and INGEMM, conversations with revolutionary ideas that can change the way that patients and health professionals contribute to advance in the Diagnosis… We’re going to […]