Make A Donation

As a non-profit, Foundation 29 relies on the financial support of individual donors to make our work possible. Your donation goes directly into the research and development of our tools and allows us to turn them into more powerful resources for the rare disease community. With your support, Foundation 29 will continue to improve the quality of life of rare disease patients, especially the children and families who are struggling to find a proper diagnosis.

Corporate Donations

Corporate donations play an integral part in the work that we do at Foundation 29. In addition to the financial support of individual donors, we rely heavily on the support of corporate donors and sponsors to continue the work we are doing for the rare disease community. Whether you donate time, resources, or make a financial donation, corporate contribution goes directly toward improving and developing our platforms and programs to help those affected by rare diseases find the diagnoses that they may not receive without our help.

Why Give

  • No Undiagnosed Child

    Rare diseases can have an outsized effect on the life of a child. By helping doctors and clinicians provide children and their families with a proper diagnosis, your donation works to remove some of the uncertainty in their lives.

  • Global Knowledge

    The platforms and tools developed by Foundation 29 work by harnessing the knowledge of the global medicine community to make connections that would not be possible otherwise. Your donation helps unlock state-of-the-art advances and insights and directly apply them to the lives of patients dealing with rare diseases.

  • Support Research

    The work Foundation 29 does helps more than individual patients. Your contribution helps doctors and clinicians around the world to keep researching for treatment plans that will drastically improve the quality of life for patients living with rare diseases for decades to come.