It’s time for patients to take control of their health, through their data, to work alongside their doctors and drive research

At Foundation 29 we work with all those who share this
vision creating the necessary tools and initiatives to
achieve it

Our initiatives

Tools that unleash the power of collaboration
around data

The power to drive
the diagnosis

Help diagnosis
for doctors and patients

Dx29 is a free application that allows patients and doctors to speed up the rare disease diagnosis process.

We apply artificial intelligence to help patients and professionals identify symptoms and predict accurate diagnoses.

The power to share
the knowledge

Sharing medical data for research

HealthData29 makes it easy to share health data sets with researchers for use in medical research in a simple and secure way.

The initiative includes a guide to good practices in the sharing and processing of this data and has been awarded by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

The power to get
the information

Free diagnosis support program

Together towards diagnosis is a program in which we guide patients, who meet certain criteria, with more data to shorten their odyssey.

The initiative, totally free for patients, provides them with a complete sequencing genetic test, thus obtaining highly valuable information.

The Foundation

An NGO of doers, not talkers, fighting hard
for a real change

We are /

Foundation 29

Open standard activists, data-driven scientists, patient-empowering advocates, enabling-technology creators and healthcare system changemakers.

We work /

from the patient, with the patient and for the patient

We want /

a new medicine model around patients

Working with their physicians for their health and the health of others in an ecosystem that openly shares its data to advance medical knowledge together.

We are a non-profit foundation. We work for a medicine in which empowered patients take control of their health through their data and work with doctors and institutions to improve their well-being and that of others.

We create technologies that allow a radical change in your capabilities as users and in the entire medical ecosystem.

The activism of patients, their families and associations are at our core. We put special focus on rare diseases. They are in our origin and in our name: February 29, world day of rare diseases.


We want that there are no
patients without diagnosis,
Can you help us to
achieve it?




Those who share our vision and help us
make it come true


Patient associations

Other allies


We break barriers
We get awards

premio AEPD_transparente


Spanish Data Protection Agency
Personal Data Protection Award 2020

Premio AMETIC transparente


Artificial Intelligence Summit
R+D+I Ametic IA Award 2021