Enjoy the silence

Enjoy the Silence. This is the song we started the day with. There has really been no silence at all, we have had a lot of teamwork, meetings with experts from CIBER and INGEMM, conversations with revolutionary ideas that can change the way that patients and health professionals contribute to advance in the Diagnosis… We’re going to make a lot of noise.

As usually happens after something intense, like this week that ends, you have to let go. Friday afternoon has given us a time of general madness and laughters. By the way, one of the goals of this foundation is to have fun while we are working. I, of course, am fulfilling it to the letter.

In the photo you can see how the team, in the end, has enjoyed a moment of silence. Above the sound of the keys you could almost hear the machinery of the brains running. How much talent is concentrated in 2 square meters.