Intense days and a lot of debate

Second day of work between the office of Microsoft and Hospital de la Paz in Madrid. Today we have had the pleasure of meeting one of the leading companies in the world of rare diseases, Shire. We have discussed the different approaches to diagnosis and how to combine efforts to facilitate this option to the whole world. We have presented the idea of the Global Commission who are leading with Eurordis and Microsoft in order to define the famous “Patient Journey” from which the whole world is talking about. 

As always, we do the demo of H29, we had our “wow” moment that convinces me more and more that we are on the right path.

The best of the day see how after so much virtual meeting and remote access, we can work for a few days together physically and assess the human quality of the group we have assembled. We were just missing Sacha.

Intense days and a lot of debate, but very gratifying too!

I am convinced that the best is yet to come 😛


Javier Castrejón