Decentralised patient data

PODS technology empowers rare disease patients with their data to be able to activate applications and connections with organisations such as pharmaceutical companies and regulatory entities.


We bring patients closer to /

pharmaceutical companies and regulatory entities

Drug development requires data at every step. In addition, regulatory agencies, such as the EMA, are increasingly recognizing the great need to incorporate the perspective of patients for the development of orphan drugs. But the real world data (RWD) to answer these needs is not readily available.

With real world data (RWD) we will be able to:

  • Facilitate drug development
  • Demonstrate the significant benefit of new drugs
  • Provide better medicines to patients

Decentralising the web means that patients get the ability to store their medical data wherever they want, while still getting the services they need.

This requires major changes in the way we develop medical applications, as we migrate from a closed back-end database to the open web as our data source. It’s a fundamental rethinking of the relationship between medical data and applications that, if done right, will accelerate treatments and innovation for years to come.


Patients chose /

where to store their data

Rather than having to choose from a handful of providers, in a decentralised world, there will be many options to choose from, and we are free to create our own data provider, rather than in a single flow controlled by one company.

You own your data


Applications are views /

enter your data once

Decentralised web applications decouple data and applications: you only enter data once, in your own data module (PODs). Rather than keeping credentials with each app, log in through your data pod and give the apps permission to read or write specific parts of your data.

No more repeating your medical history on each new appointment


Interfaces are transformed in /

in new queries

The data will be distributed through very diverse interfaces and sources (wearables, IoT, apps), so sustainable web applications must exclusively use declarative queries to view and update the data in our pods, so that their expression of the operation Predicted data rate remains constant, even if the interfaces are different.

Data and communications with secure encryption

How does decentralisation work

Image and text:, Ruben Verborgh.

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