Serendipity and the Foundation29 Annual Meeting in June 2019

Serendipity is defined as the fact of finding interesting and valuable things by chance.

On June 7th Foundation29 brought together its patronage, developers and volunteers at LinkedIn offices in Madrid and we could see the reasons why F29 is not serendipity. Foundation29 with Health29 and Dx29 is the luck of some people finding and creating interesting and valuable things but is neither by chance nor fortuitous.

The motivation to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases leads a group of professionals to contribute their knowledge and time to the world and non profit.

Health29 was presented in production by its Project Manager Yolanda Ludeña (appearing in picture of the post as speaker). Health29 is a Data Locker that makes it easy for patients, owners of their data, to handle. The data are “portable”, shareable and more easily analyzable. This allows to find more easily specific solutions.

Dx29 makes the Path to diagnose of doctors shorter, easier and more effective through technology.

And all this was born, at the beginning, by the impulse and initiative of Julián Isla (president and co-founder of Fundación 29) to transform into something positive and valuable the painful family experience of the disease of his son Sergio and their long journey in search of diagnosis.

In Fundacion 29 is working a group of developers, patrons and volunteers in a team connection, connection with the academy, with transparence and in Open Source. We give special relevance to improving the patient experience on their health journey and preserving data privacy.

Fundación 29 shares its achievements in conferences and collaborates with best practices. During the past weeks of May and June, Pablo Botas (Head of Science) and Julián Isla have participated as speakers and in the expert panels at the XVII Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Neurology (SENEP), in the Global Commission Workshop Microsoft, at the 2nd Big Data for Precision Medicine Symposium in Cordova and at the 33rd International Epilepsy Congress in Bangkok, among others.

It is not, therefore, fortuitous serendipity but Deeplearning of machines and people what originates Foundation 29.