Our Foundation

Foundation 29 is a non-profit organization, focused on applying the latest in artificial intelligence to the intersection of technology and health in a way that keeps the focus where it should be: on the patients health.
Foundation29 team having a meeting in a conference room.

What We Do

Foundation 29 develops platforms that reduce the uncertainty and suffering that surrounds the rare disease community. Our work allows patients to control their personal medical data while helping clinicians to know their patients better, synthesize the knowledge contained in the global health community, and transform that information into better results for their patients. The energy, activism, and commitment of patients fighting rare diseases inspires everyone at Foundation 29 and powers the core of what we do. We named ourselves after International Rare Disease Day, February 29.

Foundation29 team having a meeting in a conference room.

Nothing compares to the expertise of medical professionals. The platforms Foundation 29 has developed do not aim to replace that expertise. Instead, we’ve developed a set of tools to accentuate it, giving clinicians access to information, expertise and processing power than expands beyond their institutions and reaches around the world. However, we also believe in the power of involved, engaged patients to play a crucial role in the process. To that end, we work to empower patients to take control of their data and play an integral role on the path to a diagnosis and treatment by owning and controlling their medical data and histories.

Foundation29 team posing for a photo.
Foundation29 team posing for a photo.
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Our Approach to Data

As the medical community has turned to technology to work more efficiently, the importance of data protection has become incredibly clear. Foundation 29 is totally committed to the idea that the patient is the sole owner of their health data and we have built our products around that.  We also view data safety as an ethical obligation shared by the entire medical community and we design everything we do with that obligation in mind. Our platforms leverage the latest in data protection practices and technology to insure that the data entrusted to us is safe, secure, and used only to move toward our goal of helping the rare disease community.

Who We Are

  • Julian Isla

    Julián Isla

    President & founder

  • Aitor Larrabe

    Aitor Larrabe

    Co-founder & board member.

  • Iñ

    Iñigo Ascanio


  • Iñigo del Hoyo

    Project Manager

  • Javier Logroño

    Javier Logroño

    Head of Engineering

  • Pablo Botas

    Pablo Botas

    Scientific Manager

  • Carlos Mascias

    Carlos Mascías

    Medical Manager

  • Izaskun Larrabe

    María Izaskun Larrabe

    Operational Support

  • Francisco Ródenas

    PMO Manager

  • Javier Ortiz

    Javier Ortiz de la Torre

    Finance Manager

  • Álvaro Mateos

    Software Architect

  • Marta Herranz

    Marta Herranz


  • Sandra Timon

    Sandra Timón

    Accesibility Advisor

  • Javier Castrejón

    Javier Castrejón

    Technology Manager

  • Pablo Rodicio

    Pablo Rodicio

    Branding & Communication Advisor

  • Víctor González

    Víctor González

    Administration & Accounting