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Terms and conditions of use of the website www.foundation29.org
Access to the website of the Foundation 29 implies an acceptance by the user of the rules of use established for it.

Access to the site is free and does not generate any commercial, contractual or professional relationship between its users and Foundation 29.

The site may contain access to other sites that present personal opinions and other expressions of those who participate in them. Neither the content of these sites, nor the links that are included from them to other sites are reviewed or monitored by the Foundation 29. The text and any other material published by them express the opinion of its specific author and do not correspond to the position official of Foundation 29.

Permit for the use of materials
The user agrees with the rules of use of the site, in accordance with the laws in force. The material protected by the laws of Intellectual Property, or by any other legal right (software, text, graphics, illustrations, photographs, sounds, video, and music) may not be used without the express authorization of the owner of that material.

Limitations of use
The user agrees to use the site only for purposes that are legal. Foundation 29 has the right to remove material from the site, block access or take any other action with respect to the material published at its discretion. The user can not use the computer resources of Foundation 29 to distribute advertising that has not been requested or promotional material of any kind.

Use of brands
The logo, name and all the graphics contained in the website of Foundation 29 belong to it. Its use, reproduction, copying or redistribution without the written permission of the Foundation is prohibited. All other trademarks that appear on the site belong to their respective owners.

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For any additional questions about our terms and conditions of use of our website, please contact us.

The total amount of donations is used for non-profit social purposes. Donations made to Foundation 29 are currently subject to tax deduction in Spain, by virtue of the provisions of Law 49/2002, December 23rd, on the tax regime for non-profit entities and tax incentive for patronage.

If you reside outside of Spain, consult the deductions in place for donations to NGOs.